Social Security Disability is not the problem in our Economy

There has been a lot of talk about how Social Security Disability is a big problem from the fraud in obtaining it, to the fact that it will run out of money. Here are the real facts. According to his his blog in the Wall Street Journal, Phil Izzo points out the FACT that in 2012, Social Security Disability benefit applications went DOWN. Not only that, the number of approvals were also down, in fact the approvals were at their lowest level since 2008. The approval rate of 33% is much LOWER than the approval rate in 1998 which was 50%. While this may be attributable to the fact that more people are applying with questionable disabilities, it shows that people are not being given a free ride through the system.

When it comes to SSDI and the people applying, there are two factors that play a part. First, the population is getting older so it’s just natural that there might be more people who are disabled; however second, as the economy improves, there will be more opportunities for people, both disabled and not, who are looking for work, therefore as they did in 2012, the numbers should trend downward. Overall, it’s time to stop blaming the countries woes on those people who have paid into the system and now, through no fault of their own, can not work. These people are an easy target.

For more reading on this see WSJ blog on Disability

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