2013 – Who really gets entitlements

2013 should see many changes in the economy. It’s clear that the deficit is out of control and something needs to be done. While the tax hike on upper income levels was a start, other things are going to have to be undertaken in order to help get the budget to a more manageable level. One of the topics that people discuss reforming are “so-called” entitlement programs. What many don’t realize is that 58% of the money paid out in these “entitlements” goes to middle class families, those earning between $30,000.00 and $120,000.00. Many of these people are not looking for a free handout, but are people struggling due to the recession and dimmer job prospects. It can be argued that this is in fact not an entitlement, but a collection of money that was PAID in by the recipient, i.e. money the government collected from these people during the course of their working years. While it’s true that there may be more people collecting money than in the past, it’s money that’s paid into the system, much like collecting insurance when you paid the premiums for years. Real reform will come when we look at the budget as a whole; and while it may include some reforms in social social security, medicare (which are often lumped together but really are two different type of entitlement programs), it should also include programs where there is a vast amount of waste. If we only focus on reforming the so called safety nets (entitlements), those that are most vulnerable are the ones who will continue to be hurt. For more reading on this see 2013 report on entitlements

As always if you have any questions about SSDI, please visit our website at Disabilitybenefitsalliance.com


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